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"UFOs over Poland" Xtras: The tale of the melting tiles in a Wrocław apartment (1979)

Strange marks from Wroclaw (click to enlarge)
This strange story involved a local man from Wroclaw who returned home one evening to discover that someone or something had apparently flew by his kitchen window and left strange marks on the floor tiles. They looked white in colour (as if stained by lime) and had been melted but ‘something’. It wasn’t long before the laboratory analysis showed that they didn’t appear to be melted in any conventional way? 
by Piotr Cielebiaś

In this next part of “extras”, i.e. addendums connected with my book “UFOs OVER POLAND” published in late November 2015 by respected British ufologist Philip Mantle at FLYING DISK PRESS. The book contains a history of Polish UFO encounters that often turned out to be very original and connected with what we call the “high strangeness factor” in ufology. That means that they went beyond typical UFO encounters showing either paranormal features or being very eccentric to say the least.

There were several controversial cases that I didn’t publish in the book for a variety reasons. Some I found were rather dubious in origin and are not worth a mention. Others though spectacular lacked any kind of corrobative evidence or were based on scant information.

What is described below is a case that I also found very problematic.

Although in fact no one caught the UFO or ufonaut in flagranti, “something flying” left very some very unusual marks on a floor in one of Wroclaw apartments. The case is amongst others in Bronislaw Rzepecki’s and controversial Jan Pająk’s writings and recently has been resurrected by Mr. Marcin Stachurski - author of the first Polish professional “Humcat” or “Humanoid Encounters Catalogue”.

The incident in question took place on September 4th 1979 in Jerzy Wasilewski’s flat on Kruszwicka Street in Wroclaw (dolnoslaskie). His flat was located on the last storey of 4-storey block. The man had been out and had left the window in the kitchen open. He returned home finding his floor tiles had been melted by some unknown force. After close inspection it turned out that the melted points formed a trail similar to those left by tiny feet.

In other words, it seemed that some unknown person with very small burning-hot shoes flew into Mr. Wasilewski’s flat and took a walk around melting his floor tiles as it did. This scenario seemed to be backed by the fact that the intruder (whoever it was) flew inside via the window burning a hanging thread of dried mushrooms (it’s a common practice of drying mushrooms that are very popular in Polish cuisine).

Whatever it was, the “thing” entered the witnesses flat and left around 17 strange marks on the kitchen and the corridor floor. The distance between the marks was about 40 cm. It looked as if someone had marched through the kitchen and hall and then returned leaving in the same direction from where they entered.

The case was weird to say the least and it is not widely known but what makes it worth of attention is the PVC tiles analysis made by the Institute of Non-Organic Chemistry of Wroclaw University. It showed that Mr. Wasilewski’s tiles were not apparently melted by a high temperature but… some kind of “highly-concentrated magnetic field”.

The marks were very small - only 13 mm in diameter. In the first part they looked like chalk-colored stains with wavy surfaces. At first glance Wasilewskis took them for drops of lime or whitewash thinking that workers from nearby construction site broke into his flat. But they had not. Moreover, the whiteness was only gone for a short time and Pajak said that in 1982 when he examined the tiles one more time, the marks were almost the same color as the rest. They could be distinguished only by wavy top (see photo).

Analysis showed that the internal structure of the tiles remained unchanged and no burn PVC traces were detected. It was ruled out that they had been burnt by a fire, chemical substance, pressurized gas/fluid, hot gas or plasma. It also wasn’t a mechanical or electrical failure that had caused the marks. The verdict of the analysis stated that the PVC tiles were hit with a highly concentrated magnetic field and the thin uppermost layer of the tile was additionally treated with ozone.

 So what happened on that day? Was Wasilewski’s flat visited by some miniature UFO probe or flying ufonaut with a jetpack of which the exhausts burned the dark-blue PVC tiles? Or maybe ball lightning was responsible. Unfortunately, nothing is known for sure in this case due to lack of direct witnesses. And as Pajak wrote, there were a number of “collectors” who hearing about this strange incident, came to Wroclaw to buy the tiles which had been marked by some kind of “cosmic” force…

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