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"UFOs over Poland" Xtras: The Huta Incident (1987)

Artist impression by Daniel del Toro
It was approaching us, flying just over the ground. We could clearly see that it had a ‘black cloak’ around its body. The silence was terrifying while we were observing the creature’s eerie yellow – colored eyes. Then the whole creature radiated with a yellow glow. I felt pins and needles in my chest as if someone was sucking out all of my energy - said Mrs. Malgorzata - witness to a high-strangeness incident in the Huta area of Poland. 

by Piotr Cielebiaś

My book "UFOs OVER POLAND" of which the subtitle is "The Land of High Strangeness" is a cross section of the Polish history of UFO sightings with many incidents sounding stranger than ordinary UFO stories. Moreover, for many years along with my friend and researchers from Poland, Arek Miazga, Damian Trela and Przemek Więcławski, we began to search for cases that transgress the borders between UFO events and paranormal experiences of various kinds. 

This involves amongst other incidents what I call "living folklore" or "Magonia in action". It’s the kind of cases that ufologists often hesitate do disclose, fearing ridicule not only from skeptics but from nuts-and-bolts flying-saucer buffs as well. I refer to encounters with strange beings that can be interpreted both as alien and/or magical/folklore beings. Mr. Marian B.’s case from 1969 mentioned in "UFOs OVER POLAND" is the best example. The man related to me that along with several friends he came across a tall being with a gray head surrounded by a halo with a blue body that radiated light. He then took it for an alien of some sort but was sure that for religious people the entity would have been viewed as an angel rather than an alien. 

The case I’m going to introduce you to now is from the other end of the scale. It comes from the archive of Damian Trela - one of the most respected researchers in today’s Poland and involves the meeting with a strange demonic entity in Huta village (dolnoslaskie, powiat klodzki) - located in south-western Poland, near Walbrzych, famous now from the hunt of the Nazi’s "Gold Train".

While in Mr. Marian’s case the boys were chasing the entity, in Huta it was just the opposite. The main witness, Mrs. Malgorzata contacted Damian in Summer 2015 (so I was unable to mention the story in the book). She is a journalist still having vivid memories about an experience that took place in her teenage years. Malgorzata even wrote a short story about her encounter that took place in early July 1987. Huta village itself is lost in the Bystrzyckie Mountains and it is a popular tourist destination. 

Below is an excerpt from Damian Trela’s report on the Huta case containing the main witness descriptions. The full version can be read in Polish on Damian’s blog "Czas Tajemnic" (click to read English tranlation via Google). 

Here’ is the main witnesses’ description of the event: 

On the evening in question myself and a group of my friends we were watching movies on a brand new video set at our friend’s house. At some point (to our surprise) the video went off. It was strange but we simply decided to go and visit our friend Pawel living in a house nearby which stands on its own looking rather lonely in the clearing in the woods. Some of us went on motorbikes, others went on foot. My brother was amongst the bike riders while I was one of the group that went on foot. The road we took passed through forests and clearings used by local residents. After a hot day, clouds appeared in the sky and the air was hot and stifling - she reported adding that all of them know the area well and had grown up there. 

They left Pawel’s house about midnight and each decided to return home. 

We were walking close to each other but Piotr (one of our friends) was lagging behind. While walking across one of the clearings, he quickly approached us saying in low tone that someone was following us. I said to him that it must be a wild animal of some kind but when the road took us to the forest, anxious Piotr repeated the warning. I could not see anything and tried to comfort him but others in our group began to worry. Holding hands, we marched ahead. We soon saw a huge clearing with adjacent forest that surrounded my house. And it was exactly at that moment when we were confronted by 'the entity'. 

At first I couldn’t distinguish the contours of its body in the dark but the most frightening thing was the creature’s yellowish eyes. It wasn’t an animal - she said adding that soon it turned out that the entity was around 5 ft tall and is dressed in a black ‘cloak’ with a pointed hood. 

All the details of its bodily appearance were obscured by the cloak. It seemed to me that it was hovering over the ground and when it approached we could see that it was indeed hovering. What is even more interesting is that in my mind I could feel that the darkness and 'coolness' of the being was unnatural. Added to this everything around us went totally silent. There was no noise at all. 

The creature was approaching us, flying just over the ground. We could clearly see the black cloak around its body. The silence was terrifying while we were observing its yellow eyes. It stopped about 90 ft away. (…) At that moment the whole being radiated with a yellow glow. I felt pins and needles in my chest as if someone was draining all the energy from me. The yellowish eyes turned orange. I’m not able to say how we broke away from the entity’s paralyzing influence but we did and ran like mad to my house. I grasped the doorknob but it was locked. At exactly the same moment we looked behind us noticing that the being was thankfully gone!

But it’s not enough for the "Land of High Strangeness". Soon Malgorzata noticed that her noisy dog with its fierce reputation was seen cowering in its kennel. The dog was definitely frightened. Then yet another chapter of this bizarre story began. 

I saw something white in the clearing in front of my house. It was fog-like but unnatural and of strange shape. It covered a small area and soon I noticed that it was coming in our direction. When it was just a few steps away, the being appeared out of it. Again it tried to approach. My friend grasped hold of me and as again I felt weak. Again it was the same as before - the entity started to glow and its slanted eyes turned from orange to yellow.

This frightening scene was interrupted by Malgorzata’s brother who returned home with his motorcycle. He didn’t believe in the story and opened the door that wasn’t locked at all although the girl and her friends had not able to open them. Fortunately, the being was gone and did not return but the witness still remembers the incident that left an imprint in her mind forever. 

There was yet another strange element – that of "missing time". Malgorzata said that to her the encounter with the strange being lasted a very long time although they only had a 1 km walk. Moreover - as Damian reported - one of Malgorzata’s friends (not involved in the described event) related that on the same night he saw a "light" shooting out of the forest. It just rocketed into sky and was gone - he said. Malgorzata added that a circular mark on the ground was found in the area where the UFO was allegedly seen but no photos are available and as a result it is hard to put a great deal of value on this kind of information.

UFO entity, paranormal apparition, religious event or living folklore? You decide. 

Quotations Source:
Trela Damian, Spotkanie z demoniczną istotą koło Huty, "Czas tajemnic", 29/07/15.