Friday, 4 March 2016

Bob Rosenthal's comment on "Diary of dr. Chaloner Clay"

by: Bob Rosenthal (via Amazon)

It is difficult to imagine today how it must have been in 1881 to take a sailing ship all the way to Australia on a journey that would last just over 3 months. This account then, is about as close as we will ever get! It is detailed day by day with Longitude & Latitude, wind speed, and how far they had travelled. Dr Chaloner Clay's comments become briefer as the days of nothing but blue get longer, but nevertheless manage impart his mood. We are then treated to his account of 2 months touring Australia before the account of his return journey. A very Historical piece, and a language that is different from today. A worthy read for anyone even remotely interested in these historical happenings. Very enjoyable.