Wednesday, 17 May 2017

UFOs and Entity Cases: Where Have They All Gone?

by Philip Mantle 

Having been involved in UFO research for almost forty years now I have during that time taken part in numerous radio and TV interviews. In one such interview this year (2017) I was asked about any UFO landing cases that I had personally investigated. I referred to one that I had indeed investigated with my colleague at the time Mark Birdsall. This was in the summer of 1980. The radio host, whose name sadly eludes me, went on to ask if I could recall any recent cases that described a UFO landing with entities. I’m not often stuck for words but on this occasion I was. Now I’m not saying that no such cases have been reported, however they do seem to be a little thin on the ground. With this in mind I decided to take a look back in my own files to refresh my memory on some of the entity cases that have been left to gather dust. 

What follows are a small number of such close encounter cases from my files some of which I personally was involved in and some which were investigated by colleagues at the time. I will start with one from the early 1940’s which of course pre-dates the Kenneth Arnold sighting and involved a British RAF soldier.

John Warren: Ludham, Norfolk, May 1943. 

Entity seen by John Warren in 1943
I interviewed Mr Warren in July 1987. He was 66 years of age at the time and lived on the outskirts of Batley in West Yorkshire, England. Mr Warren was serving in the RAF during WW11. He was stationed at a small airbase near the village of Ludham which lies not far from Norwich in Norfolk.

Mr Warren was responsible arming the two squadrons stationed at the airbase and also the anti-aircraft guns.

One night in May 1943, Mr Warren was returning late at night from a local village dance some 12 miles or so from the airbase. He had missed the last train so he had no option but to walk the 12 miles back to base. Once he had left the village there was nothing but open countryside.

After walking for several miles and just reaching the outskirts of the village of Ludham, Mr Warren observed a ‘green glow’ in the road up ahead of him. On approaching this glow he noticed that it was coming from a ‘man’ standing at the side of the road. This man had a strange sort of ‘diver’s helmet’ on his head and an oblong shaped thing on his chest. The green glow was coming from this oblong object on his chest. The man had a most peculiar ‘grin’ on his face and his expression never changed. The man never moved nor acknowledged the presence of Mr Warren.

Behind this man was a hedge or fence which bordered the field. In this field stood an object which was the shape of a ‘bell tent’. Beside this object stood two more figures who seemed to be wearing some kind of white ‘boiler suit’ and were moving around to the left hand side of the object.

Mr Warren was very frightened by this sight and walked passed the strange man at the side of the road and never looked back.

At no time did this man at the side of the road move or make any sound whatsoever. He simply stood there with a grin on his face and this green glow from his chest shining up into his face.

Mr Warren made his way back to base and went to bed still puzzled and frightened by what he had seen. His initial reaction, being that it was war time, was that the German were invading. But if that was the case surely they would have killed him. Not long after he got into bed a friend climbed in through the window (Mr Warren had locked the door) and he too was in a frightened state and suggested that he had come across the same thing although he would not go into any great detail.

Mr Warren was so frightened by the event that he stayed well clear of the area in question for over two weeks. On visiting the area later he could find nothing that could account for what he had seen and he is to this day still puzzled by the experience.

Mr Warren reached the rank of Leading Aircraftman in the RAF and was de-mobbed in 1947. He had little or no interest in UFOs since but had read just one book on the subject.

Another curious encounter that I personally investigated took place in the mid 1950’s less than ten years after the Kenneth Arnold sighting.

June Rice, August 1956, Filey, North Yorkshire. 

Humanoid met by June Rice
Jovial grandma June Rice dropped her paper in shock as she listened to the radio programme. It was a discussion about UFOs and alien abductions. They were talking about people who had claimed to have been abducted by strange beings who had taken them off.

June thought she was the only woman in the world to have been inside a spaceship. The only woman to have met visitors from other worlds. She scurried off into the kitchen of her neat-as-a-pin home in Wallassy, Merseyside and busied herself by making a cup of tea. Her head was spinning. Could there really be other people who had seen what she had seen? She had always been too afraid to talk openly about what happened to her all those years ago, afraid of the ridicule. But if other people had experienced what she had seen then maybe she could find out more about those strange visitors. Maybe there was an organisation which could help.

Without revealing her reasons, June made inquiries about UFO organisations and soon got hold of the number for the British UFO Research Association. She picked up her phone and dialed the number. The voice at the other end seemed friendly so she just blurted it out: "I was abducted by aliens in 1956."

When two researchers, including Philip Mantle, visited June a few days later, they were struck by her friendly, bubbly nature. A doting mum and grandmother, her living room was full of family photographs and she was eager to point out the youngsters she was so proud of. At first she seemed a little embarrassed about what she had experienced all those years ago when she was a young mum with an 18 month old son, but after some encouragement she agreed to tell her story.

It was during the warm summer of 1956 and June was staying at her mum's house in Filey, North Yorkshire. "It must have been that August," she remembered. "A friend and I went out to the pictures one night and when we came out we decided to take the easy way home, which was across the fields.

”We walked together for some distance until we got near to where she lived. Her house was on one side of the fields and my mum's was on the other. We parted company and I set off for home on my own. "It was quiet, unusually quiet that night. You would normally see lots of bats in those fields, but not that night. "I was walking along, and it was quite dark by now, and these two men seemed to appear from nowhere. One minute there was nothing and the next these two men were there. They seemed to come towards me, stop and then stand there. "They didn't say anything and I didn't. I wasn't frightened. I wasn't scared at all.

"They were quite tall and had whitish or silver suits on, like an all-in-one suit. It was a long time ago but I remember thinking they were very pale. They had lovely eyes, beautiful eyes and white hair "I don't know if they had any beards or anything, but I'll always remember the white hair and the beautiful eyes.” Then they just turned and I knew they wanted me to go with them, so I just followed them and then I don't remember anything." June can't explain the gap in her memory, but it is a classic case of entry amnesia, a condition reported by many abductees who rarely remember actually entering the UFO they see. June found herself in a round room, again this ties is with many later accounts where witnesses often report alien rooms as rounded, seamless and without corners.

Although June never saw a UFO throughout her experience, she is convinced she was inside a craft belonging to the strangers she met. "The room was completely circular with seats all around and there were people sitting on the seats. They sat me down on one and I remember that by that time I was getting a bit agitated. I had the baby at home, you see, and I said 'No I'm not staying, I want to go home. "They never spoke at all and I was saying 'No,no,no'. Then I realised I wasn't using my mouth to speak. It seemed as if we were communicating through our brains, you know, and I was upset about this. "One of the people then just came up to me and put his hand on my head and I seemed to go backwards, the seat seemed to come upwards. All I remember from that part of things was a pain in my side. "I cried out with the pain when this, this whatever it was did something to me. I don't know if something was piercing my skin or what but I was suddenly in my bed back at home. "I just grabbed hold of my baby and hugged him and I thought 'where have I been, where have I been?' "I couldn't remember coming home or coming into the house and I had no idea what time it was."

The next morning June's mother pointed out that she had been out late the previous night. June didn't say anything. She couldn't. She didn't have a clue of the time when she came in and climbed into bed. But she clearly remembered leaving the cinema at a reasonable time. June put the incident at the back of her mind and got on with her life, what seemed to be her very normal life. But when carefully questioned by BUFORA investigators it appeared that June may have had several sightings after that first incident.

Her recollections were often vague and therefore difficult to check, but it appeared she had experienced further missing time episodes. June had not recorded dates or times in connection with the follow up episodes and although the investigators were convinced of her genuine sincerity there was insufficient data on them for any meaningful investigation. Going back to that first experience the Ufologists asked June if the events of that night felt physically real. "Oh yes, yes, it was real," she replied. What did she think happened to her? "I don't know. I think they examined me but I don't know what they did. I know when he put his hand on my head I felt very calm." Taking her back to the room inside the craft, the investigators asked if June could describe any of the other people she said she had seen sitting in the seats around the room. “I remember seeing a nurse sitting there and I remember an airman but there were four or five people in all," she said. "They were human beings, yes. They were just sitting there in a daze. They didn't speak to me at all. "The ones in the nurses uniform and the RAF uniform stood out."

How had that event in the summer of 1956 affected her life?" "I believe in UFOs,"said June. "I believe there's somewhere they're coming from, where I don't know. I never even thought about UFOs in those days. I don't think there were any then, were there?" In the days after her encounter June became ill. Lethargy and nausea seemed to make her life a misery so she decided to see a doctor. "I discovered I was pregnant," she said. “The whole pregnancy was a nightmare too. I felt terrible throughout and after giving birth I lost a lot of weight and continued to feel ill for some time. "I used to think why me? I didn't know anyone else had been aboard a UFO." It was nine months after her meeting with the strangers in the field that June gave birth to her daughter. She often jokes:" I don't know whether I was pregnant then or whether they impregnated me. "My daughter says she always knew she didn't belong to this earth."

Unlike John Warren Mrs. Rice had the added scenario of actually entering the UFO and seeing other people on board. In just over ten years such encounters were evolving and becoming more and more bizarre and thus more and more difficult to explain.

The third and final entity encounter we will look at in this article was not investigated by me but by Stephen Banks. We also jump forward into the early 1980’s to look at a most puzzling encounter case.

Alan Marsh, Walsall, West Midlands. 

Raymond Walsh entity
On the 27th of January, 1983, Mr. Marsh left his house in Short Heath to walk to a friend’s house, an n old friend that he had not seen for some time. To get to his friends house the best route was along the road, go under a nearby railway bridge and onto the towpath. Others routes were a lot longer and Mr. Marsh was a keen walker to the 2 mile walk to his friends was not a problem for him.

It was a fine, cool evening with no rain or snow. Visibility was good and he could see a few stars among the scattered clouds. His walk to his friends was progressing nicely but out of the blue something unknown to him made him look skyward. At an angle of nearly 90 degrees to his position he saw a long slim object of quite a size that reminded him of a ‘mirror’. At this moment he was sure the he was looking at something “not of our world”. The witness had seen lots of aircraft overhead as they were on the flight path to Birmingham Airport. This was not like any aircraft he had ever seen. He watched the object for 4-5 seconds before it ‘blinked out’. He estimated the object was 200-250 feet long.

As soon as the object had gone Mr. Marsh continued his walk. He did not look skyward again and he was very puzzled by what he had observed. Continuing along the canal towpath he was astonish to come upon humanoid beings. These two beings simply looked at him and seemed to be hovering just above the height of the grass.

The beings tried to speak to Mr. Walsh in an ‘educated tone’, far above his level of speech, but with a very mechanical sound that he attributed to some kind of robot. The words, however, did come out of their mouths which he assumed ruled out any kind of robot. They spoke in English and they used their arms as if to further express what they were trying to say. Mr. Walsh was certain that they were not from our world. They asked if he wanted to go on a journey with them but he declined. Mr. Walsh explained that he had a family and wanted to remain with them. The beings informed him that if he went with them he could still see his family and the he would also be rewarded. Mr. Walsh again refused their offer.

At this point the beings turned around and began glide away over the grass. They did not walk but simply floated. At no point was he frightened and after the beings were around fifteen feet away they simply vanished. In a confused state Mt Walsh turned around and walked home and told his wife of his bizarre encounter.

Mr. Walsh described the beings as looking about 5 feet 6 inches in height. They were handsome looking with curly dark hair and a Middle East appearance. These two humanoid males were identical in appearance and both wore a tight fitting outfit.

So, here we have three different entity encounters from different decades and in different locations across England. The only common denominator among all three encounters is that these were single witness observations and all three witnesses were simply going about their everyday life.

Now I hark back to the question from the radio interview I mentioned at the beginning of this article. Have you investigated any encounter cases like these recently. I have to say no but the real question remains why ?