Tuesday, 4 October 2016

"UFOs over Romania" review by Albert Rosales

Albert Rosales
by Albert Rosales

Another much needed and long overdue regional study and in the English language!. Renown Romanian Ufologist Dan Farcas new book "UFOs over Romania" covers a region (country) with a rich history of unusual phenomena and "legends" i.e. Vlad the Impaler which the character Count Dracula was supposedly modelled after.

UFOs have always been around Romania, however this was little known in the West, except for a few and far between cases which publications such as Flying Saucer Review and The APRO Bulletin made known. And this not for a lack of many well-qualified UFO researchers from that country top among them the late Calin Turcu which I was lucky to correspond with back in the late 90's. 

Dan Farcas has done an excellent job in illustrating the rich Ufological history of his native country Romania, covering early cases (so-called pre-Arnold) which were indeed abundant in Romania, the extensive photographic evidence is also covered, landings, trace cases and most importantly various baffling Humanoid or CE3 cases, some known in the west, but most unknown. And of he covers other aspects of the close encounter phenomenon such as bedroom visitations, abductions and many high-strangeness episodes. The folkloric and religious aspect is also expertly detailed. Important Romanian UFO Organizations, such as RUFORS, and ASFAN which are still active are also extensively. 

I highly recommend this essential Ufological masterpiece, is full of important necessary information.