Saturday, 30 January 2016

Legendary authors' review of "UFOs over Poland"

Brad and Sherry Steiger
Piotr Cielebias’ UFOs OVER POLAND is vastly informative and a must for the bookshelves of those who consider themselves “expert” on the history of UFOs and the various phenomena that has always seemed to have accompanied these visitors in our skies. To read this book is to be reassured that the UFO Mystery manifests in the same variety of guises wherever in the world it chooses to appear—which seems to be wherever we humans seek to establish our limited materialistic version of reality. 

Cielebias serves as an accomplished guide through Medieval sightings in Poland and continues to acquaint us with the familiar humanoids and UFO occupant encounters through the World Wars and to the present day. After five decades of our own research, Sherry and I agree with Piotr’s keen assessment of the UFO phenomenon, that UFO Intelligence ”… is encrypted in thousands of experiences people undergo…and the ways in which the UFO encounter changes their lives.” 

 Perhaps, he wonders, if the form that UFO Intelligence presents to experiencers is real or just a disguise that it is able to adopt to remain indecipherable to witnesses. 
Brad Steiger and Sherry Steiger, authors of Real Visitors, Voices from Beyond, and Parallel Dimensions.
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