Friday, 4 December 2015

"UFO over Poland" - our book review by Butch Witkowski

UFOs Over Poland - The Land of High Strangeness 
BOOK REVIEW by Butch Witkowski

I have found this book to be a most stimulating read and noteworthy in that it delves into the vast unknown with both historical and more modern reports. This manuscript has it all, the sighting reports, the evidence, the eyewitness testimony and it's definitely thought provoking and well written.

This is a must read for the Investigators and Researchers of the UFO Phenomenon wishing to understand the mysteries of the Alien Influence and Visitations in the skies above Poland. The authors high quality research has brought forth many unknown cases from Poland and his information was a real eye opener for this researcher due to the fact we in the United States don't get much information on UFO reports and studies from Eastern Europe.

This is an excellent and informative book by author Piotr Cielebias that needs to be on every researchers book shelf.


Butch Witkowski,

FFSc Director,
Founder UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania (UFORCOP)
Editor JAAR Journal of Abnormal Abduction Research
Member Institute of Frontier Science
Member Académie d'Ufologie
ParaNexus™ Consultant/Advisor
Ufology Associate - P&M Fortean Research