Monday, 7 December 2015

Rebecca Lomas' review of "The Land of High Strangeness"

Rebecca Lomas
Piotr Cielebiaś newly published book ‘UFOS OVER POLAND – The Land of High Strangeness’ has proven to be an excellent read and source of information of sightings and detailed UFO accounts in Poland. Piotrs love of historical facts and of his country, emanates throughout the book as we learn of UFO encounters over the years and how these may have initially been intertwined with old Slavonic lore, a subject I found particularly fascinating and intriguing.

I was surprised to learn that the modern era of UFO sightings in Poland started in 1922, earlier than our well known Kenneth Arnold sightings of the flying saucers in 1947. We even have an account of a letter of the last great Polish king, Jan III Sobieski (1629-96) from 1683 describing what sounds to be his very own UFO sighting. 

The accounts of UFO’s during war time when Germany invaded Poland in WW2 amount to more than sightings of ‘Foo-Fighters’ and during 1939-45 many UFO sightings were recorded during combat. The ‘Nowiny Landing’ 1943/44 is particularly interesting as Piotr describes a mushroom shaped UFO with 8 or 9 humanoid beings around 4.5 feet tall, speaking in a strange unknown language. 

It was also interesting to read that in 1955 a closed door policy to any official response from the Polish government to the UFO problem was put in place, and that still today Polish Politicians are silent on the UFO subject. 

Each chapter contains a wealth of information including mass sightings, humanoid reports, Pilot encounters, USO’s and abduction cases. I particularly enjoyed chapter 23 on ‘consciousness-related cases’ as Piotr reports is ‘probably the most enigmatic and significant part of the phenomenon’. 

I can highly recommend this book to fellow UFO enthusiasts and researchers, it was a breath of fresh air to read accounts and investigations from another part of the world, and surprising to me that such a wealth of information has gone somewhat unknown for a long time. Comparing the differences between UK/US UFO incidents and those in Poland is fascinating and only confirms my belief that the UFO phenomenon is ever changing and our research must keep moving forward in whatever form it may appear around the world. 

The book is easy to follow and is filled with fantastic illustrations, photographs and drawings that sit perfectly alongside the corresponding encounters. Simply a must for the UFO enthusiasts book shelf or Kindle.