Monday, 7 December 2015

"Not another UFO book" - Mike Covell about "UFOs over Poland"

Mike Covell
by Mike Covell

It’s always a breath of fresh air when a new UFO book comes out that features other stories of the phenomena, granted, it’s always interesting hearing about new developments in Roswell, or different theories on Rendlesham, but to have a book that concentrates on an untapped area with delightful new research, new sightings, and new theories is always breath taking. 

UFO’s Over Poland, by Piotr Cielebias, however, is not just another UFO book. The books sub heading, Land of High Strangeness, covers the weird and wonderful sightings that have taken place in Poland throughout the years. Early sightings of Fire Demons and fascinating stories of folklore in the region are really interesting and a great scene setting tool. Could these fire demons be potentially early UFO sightings? These questions and more are explored. 

The book covers a massive era of UFO reports, sightings, and experiences, including a chapter from police officers, who go on record to discuss their experiences with the phenomena. UFO Abductions, Crashes, Flying Triangles, and Flying Boomerangs are also discussed in a book that is a worth addition to any UFOlogists shelf, or for anyone with a passing interest in the case. Cielebias has done an excellent job, and the book thoroughly recommended. I look forward to future volumes.